Getting Started



  1. Get Connected

    To connect to Wealth Web Services, contact your Relationship Manager.

    Whether your application is hosted within the confines of your data center or in the cloud, connect your application to Wealth Web Services APIs to fuel your next-generation experience. Utilize a private network path to connect to our Private Gateway or connect over the internet to our Public Gateway.

    Utilize a mutual client certificate exchange to identify your organization and access to the APIs. A standard X.509 certificate and public key need to be configured by Refinitiv to provide the necessary access.

  2. Obtain your portal login

    Contact your BETA Access control liaison or Relationship Manager to obtain a login for this API portal.  Once logged in, you have the ability to browse the APIs.

    If you already have a login but it does not work, please contact the Wealth Management Service Desk to get it reset.

    Wealth Management Service Desk

  1. Browse the available APIs

    In the API portal, review the details of our APIs to develop your application from beginning to end. Your organization can view currently permissioned or utilized APIs, all available APIs within our service library for the BETA platform, and review the Release Notes. 

  2. Request Access

    Contact your Relationship Manager to request access to the APIs. Specify which APIs are needed and the maximum capacity you anticipate your organization will need to support.